Pininfarina & Schaefer Yachts

A trilogy of modern design, state of the art manufacturing & intelligent ownership; the name ‘Pininfarina’ has a 90 year legacy of iconic Italian design around the globe. Pininfarina is the synonym for an unmistakable style, particularly with automobiles like Ferrari and Maserati. But the designs also lend themselves to architecture and other forms of transportation like yachts.

Recognized as one of the largest design studios in the world, Pininfarina has a history with Schaefer Yachts in Brazil. Having designed options for other Schaefer yacht models, the latest is a version exclusive to the North American market. Schaefer Yachts and Pininfarina share the same passion for product design with beauty and state-of-the-art technology.

Over a 27 year span, Schaefer Yachts has produced more than 3,500 boats between 26 and 83 feet, while setting a new standard of quality and innovation in the marine industry. Schaefer Yachts impress at first glance, but are unique in the market combining comfort with high technology. They stand out for their beauty, workmanship, sophistication and high performance, distinguishing and distancing from their competitors.

There is no question that having a new yacht can be very rewarding, however, the costs and responsibilities of operating it can be overwhelming. Based in Toronto and servicing the Great Lakes area, YACHT Solutions now makes the Schaefer yacht products readily available to clients. Backed with a full yacht management program, they are introducing a revolutionary way to purchase this type of luxury yacht.

“It’s the ultimate try it before you buy it program available,” says founder Gregory Marlo. “Imagine going to a luxury car dealership and asking if you can test drive one of their nicest cars for two to three months, in order to make an intelligent buying decision.” Unlikely… However, utilizing YACHT Solutions convenient Fractional Yacht Program, the new boat buyer can now enjoy a purchase process with no compromises.

Have a boat to sell, another to order? Yet you don’t want to miss any time on the water, as the lead time to build a yacht can be several months. YACHT Solutions provides a seamless step by step ownership process so that no time or resources are wasted, and the client will always have a boat available.

There is a distinct advantage of having your new boat built with the exact options you want, perhaps even visiting the factory during the building process. Some could even consider doing a sea trial in beautiful Brazilian waters before it gets shipped back home. As a Schaefer Yacht Dealership, more flexibility in buying a boat is offered than ever before.

YACHT Solutions also offer an Intelligent Ownership program for their owners that generates revenue, not unlike the business jet industry or private yacht world, where owners look to offset costs when they are not using the aircraft or boat. An owner retains the majority of benefits of yacht ownership without the high cost, day to day responsibilities, and complications.


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