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You've dreamed of owning a yacht but never seriously considered it because of the costs, the unknowns and the day-to-day responsibilities of yacht ownership. Our Try Before You Buy is perfect for you.

Use the Yacht for Personal or Business, Investing in Your Most Important Relationships

A ‘Try Before You Buy’ Membership is the perfect solution when considering your boat ownership options

Package Options

YACHT Solutions unique ‘Try Before You Buy’ program allows interested people the opportunity to invest in a membership package of 5 or 10 outings before they make a buying decision. Entertain friends, family, clients or business associates on a fully crewed yacht in total comfort. Experienced crew will take care of the details so you get the most enjoyment and satisfaction out of your time onboard.

New luxury yachts are impeccably maintained to assure trouble-free outings in the Great Lakes. There are hundreds of destinations in Lake Ontario alone with friendly yacht clubs, enjoyable beaches or protected anchorages offering a unique experience or boating adventure.

–    Having Your Best Summer Ever entertaining your friends and family on the water

–    Become familiar with the boat, it’s operation and yachting in general with our training captains

–    Your crew will prep the boat with bottled water, ice and soft drinks

–    Book a day ahead or up to a year in advance; weekdays and weekends

–    Plan your outings in advance with daytime or evening departures

–    Enjoy an impressive view of the Toronto skyline or watch the sun set on the lake

An unforgettable opportunity awaits

–    Explore the many beaches, quiet anchorages or experience a full moon cruise

–    Navigate the Toronto islands and enjoy dinner at a prestigious Yacht Club

–    Celebrate promotions, birthdays and make any special event memorable

–    Perfect for corporate team building, staff incentives or entertaining clients

–    Our yachts are well equipped for your comfort, safety and convenience.

Our season typically goes from May to October here in the GTA. The yachts are equipped for all weather conditions for your comfort and safety. For those that prefer to continue boating year-round, we can migrate the boats south in winter rather than storing and winterizing them here. Transporting them to Florida instead of paying for the winter costs here is a great option while still being fully managed. You will get the best of our boating season here while avoiding hurricane season and your boat can now become your condo in Florida with more great boating experiences that await you.

Yacht Solutions has been managing yachts for over 12 years in the GTA.

Our powerboat fleet is comprised of new Schaefer Yachts in the Great Lakes and some migrate south to Florida in the winter. The Toronto base is the Outer Harbour Marina Toronto just off Leslie Street south of Lakeshore Road.

As a Schaefer Yachts Dealership, the YACHT Solutions team includes year-round office staff, cleaning, maintenance, training and crew members to facilitate a comprehensive yacht management program. We service what we sell and provide a concierge service to our yacht owners and seasonal members. Ours is not a charter operation, but rather an exclusive service for yacht owners and boating enthusiasts. We know each of our yachts firsthand and oversee our yacht operations personally seven days a week.

The ‘personal touch’ is one factor in our success that has assured our boat owners and members, that our staff has consistently delivered quality service over the years.


In order to better understand how our programs can work for you, we like to start with an exploratory conversation.
We will ask about things you would like to be able to do, place you would like to visit, activities of interest and more.


We process the information form our conversation and introduce you to some boats and programs that we feel best suit you.​
You will then be able to appreciate and understand the benefits and process to get you to your dream yacht.


When you like what you see, we propose an ownership and yachting program that is right for you based on everything we have discussed.​

Whether you are a first time buyer or experienced owner, the program will be Specifically Designed For You.


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The time to plan for the 2024 season is now. Don't miss another year of making lifelong memories with your friends and family. Spring is too late to start planning your boating season.

Many clients like yourself sign up now to reserve their spot, cash in on the savings and can now start planning their best summer ever with the Try Before You Buy program!

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