Lease to Own

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New custom boat orders can take
6-12 months but we can start you
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Lease to Own

The Lease to Own program provides a loaner yacht at no cost to you when your new boat is ordered. This has many benefits including getting familiar with the boat manufacturer whereby you become a more educated and informed buyer while getting valuable hands-on experience. Most importantly, you won't miss any time on the water while you boat is being manufactured.

Lease to Own provides a loaner yacht at no cost while your new boat is ordered. Become a more educated buyer while getting hands-on training.

Over a 30-year span, Schaefer Yachts has produced more than 4,000 boats between 26 and 83 feet, while setting a new standard of quality and innovation in the marine industry. Schaefer Yachts impress at first glance, but are unique in the market combining comfort with high technology. They stand out for their beauty, workmanship, sophistication and high performance, distinguishing them from their competitors.

Getting Started is as easy as 1-2-3


In order to better understand how our programs can work for you, we like to start with an exploratory conversation.
We will ask about things you would like to be able to do, place you would like to visit, activities of interest and more.


We process the information form our conversation and introduce you to some boats and programs that we feel best suit you.​
You will then be able to appreciate and understand the benefits and process to get you to your dream yacht.


When you like what you see, we propose an ownership and yachting program that is right for you based on everything we have discussed.​

Whether you are a first time buyer or experienced boat owner, the program will be Specifically Designed For You.


Lease to Own

Don't Put Off Boating Any Longer

The time to plan for the next season is now. Don't miss another year of making lifelong memories with your friends and family. Spring may be too late to start planning your boating season.

Our Step-by-Step buying process is an exciting journey! Training and on board orientation is only part of what we offer. Ongoing services enhance your boating experience through our yacht management program.

YACHT Solutions Try Before You Buy, Lease to Own, Fractional Ownership, Yacht Management

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Our Programs

Try Before You Buy

This program is a no risk way of experiencing yachting firsthand

Lease to Own

Our 'Lease to Own' program is a great way to transition to yacht ownership

Fractional Ownership

Own just a portion of a yacht and receive time onboard in return. Fully managed by our team and perfect for busy individuals who don't have time to maintain a yacht or deal with the responsibilities of ownership.

Yacht Management

We will create a complete turn-key solution for you incorporating a revenue plan, scheduling, bookkeeping, maintenance services, crewing and even provide operational training.