Introducing Schaefer Yachts

For over 27 years Schaefer Yachts in Brazil has produced more than 3,500 boats between 26 and 83 feet, while setting a new standard of quality and innovation in the market.

Innovation and Leadership in the Nautical Market

Unique in the market, combining comfort with high technology, the boats produced by Schaefer Yachts impress at first glance. They stand out for their beauty, workmanship, sophistication and high performance with distinctive features among competitors.
While reviewing the fleet, customers can choose the boat of their dreams and find what best suits their desires – from the Schaefer 260 (26 feet) to the Schaefer 25M at 83 feet, comprising one of the most diverse and complete yacht lineups in the world.

Production Quality of Schaefer Yachts

The new product development center is equipped with a highly sophisticated 5-axis CNC able to machine molds up to 85 feet from a single block with the highest standards of quality, accuracy and finish. One of the largest in America, the CNC guarantees the accuracy of all production parts for any boat project.

This unique construction process is one of the most modern in the world, placing Schaefer Yachts in the technological lead for the production of recreational boats.

The technology developed by Schaefer Yachts is designed to build high performance boats. Advanced manufacturing like the vacuum infusion process on all parts, a unique CNC milling machine, in house carpentry and upholstery in a vertically integrated production process. In addition, the design of naval architect and founder Marcio Schaefer, makes Schaefer Yachts an international reference for quality, technology and safety.

All parts are produced by a vacuum infusion  process resulting in lightweight and sturdy vessels that provide a more comfortable, safe and economical experience. With its own in-house woodwork, Schaefer Yachts has developed the ideal solution to bring the desired finish and refinement in our boats.

With a vertically integrated production process employing over 500 skilled workers, Schaefer Yachts guarantees a timely delivery of your boat while attaining the highest quality standards.


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