A Trip to Schaefer Yachts in Florianópolis, Brazil

My first experience with Brazilian products came when flying and selling Embraer aircraft which are designed and manufactured in Brazil. They are a significant player in the commercial and business aviation industries with competitive pricing, leading edge innovation and excellent performance. The Brazilians build sophisticated aircraft and wonderful yachts for us to enjoy as they are sought after worldwide.

Meet Schaefer Yachts

Discover a World-Class Product

Now imagine building your dream Schaefer yacht and going to the factory in Florianopolis, Brazil to inspect your final build, sea-trial the vessel and cruise the coastline of this beautiful area. Brazil is one of the best kept cruising secrets in the Atlantic that will surprise and delight you. Along this stretch of coastline you’ll find thousands of beaches, bays, natural harbours and islands, most of which are uninhabited. The islands offer superb snorkeling, diving and hiking as the region is perfect for water sports, fishing and cruising. The year-round tropical climate and steady weather conditions are ideal for boating and because it is a less traveled paradise, you will enjoy the most natural scenery you’ll ever lays eyes on. You can take this opportunity to explore the many wonders that await throughout these best-kept secret emerald-green waters. Snorkeling with colorful schools of fish to sampling authentic tapas dishes and witnessing majestic sunsets from the deck of your new Schaefer yacht, this trip will delight the senses in every way.

As the largest yacht shipyard in Brazil, Schaefer Yachts has been developing and transforming the nautical industry for 30 years. With more than 700 direct jobs and 3,500 boats deliveries between 30 and 83 feet, Schaefer Yachts has set a benchmark of quality, innovation and value in the market.

The technology developed by the shipyard is aimed at building high performance boats. Certified by NMMA, the regulatory body for safety on vessels for the most demanding Canadian and American markets, Schaefer Yachts’ production process matches the excellence of some of the best shipyards in the world.

Differentials such as a vacuum infusion process for all parts which is a rare procedure in the boating industry,  an exclusive 5-axis CNC, with carpentry and upholstery as a vertical production process, complimented by the genius design of naval architect and founder Marcio Schaefer. Schaefer Yachts guarantee safety, comfort and an excellence in boating that makes Schaefer Yachts an international reference in quality, technology and sophistication. During your factory tour and visit, you will be able to see and experience all these innovations first hand. The combined experience of seeing and cruising your new boat in this amazing country, will create memories that you will cherish and hold dear for a lifetime.  

Yacht Solutions is the exclusive Schaefer Yacht importer in Canada and offers competitive ‘Factory Direct Pricing’ combined with unique ownership programs for boaters. Our ‘Fractional Ownership‘ program offers more boat for less money, while our ‘Try It Before You Buy It‘ offerings remove most of the risk and anxiety for first time buyers.


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