Yacht Management Part 3/3

Structuring Your Ownership

Through yacht management, our boat owners in the GTA have more ownership options available to them. In this third part of the series, I will review some ownership structures providing real benefits to a boat owner.  Our programs allow you the owner to enjoy the freedom and comfort of an expensive luxury yacht, without the hassles and high expenses that come with owning it.

YACHT Solutions provides a complete service for boat buyers that includes recommending the best type of ownership for your new boat. Your time is valuable and the money you should feel good about your boat investment. Overall yacht management incorporates some important benefits, particularly for new boat owners. For example, by co-owning and sharing the cost of the yacht, the luxury lifestyle you’ve dreamed of is within your grasp at a fraction of the price. From formally entertaining guests, to cruising the coastline with friends, the memories made on board your private yacht are irreplaceable.

Sometimes putting the boat into a corporation or holding company may be a wise consideration. Your legal and accounting specialist can recommend what is best for your situation and our accounting and legal professionals are experts in the area of structuring corporations and fractional ownership.

Typically, there are four ¼ shares setup in a corporation so each owner holds 25% common shares. Owners are free to sell their shares, trade up or trade down at any time. If the revenue plan is chosen, they would be paid dividends. Revenue boat programs can cover all your costs with money left over to pay the mortgage. As the yacht management company, we are required to keep everything managed as per the owner(s) guidelines. We can also provide legal consulting and accounting expertise in this area of fractional or shared ownership. 

Whether a fractional interest or full ownership, owners have the option to have the yacht management company generate revenue through charter and memberships or get more time and use on the boat. YACHT Solutions has guaranteed up to a 9% annual return based on the value of the boat. This includes all the fixed costs being covered as well as some key tax advantages.


In a Fractional or Co-ownership experience, you have a turnkey yacht ownership experience is entirely managed by our expert concierge team. We handle all facets of the management end of your yacht ownership including insurance, dockage, maintenance, cleaning, managing crew, and eliminate any other potential headaches that would disrupt your time on the water. You are free to sell your share of the yacht at any time.

For those seeking the luxury yachting lifestyle without the extra costs and headaches, we offer the perfect revenue generating solution. This program creates an easy yacht ownership experience that eliminates maintenance costs, docking fees, service appointments, and more.

Ultimately You Save Time, Save Money & Enhance your Lifestyle

We invite you to schedule a consultation with us about our programs.


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