Yacht Management Part 1/3

Most owners will tell you that they don’t use their yacht as much as they would like. In fact, the average owner only uses their yacht 15 – 20 days a year, and some even less. Life has many obligations so although our intentions are good, the reality is sometimes different than what we planned.

YACHT Solutions has been managing yachts for over 14 years in the GTA. As a yacht dealership, our team includes year-round office staff, cleaning, maintenance, training and crew members to facilitate a comprehensive yacht management program. We service what we sell and provide a concierge service to our yacht owners and members.

Because we offer yacht management in the GTA, our boat owners have more options available to them. In this three part series, I will cover what yacht management services are available providing real benefits to a boat owner. In this 1st part of the series, I will provide an overview of yacht management and follow up with Financial considerations of ownership in the 2nd part. This followed by the various Ownership Structures available in the 3rd part of the series.

Our Mission is to have our customers Save Time, Save Money while Enhancing Their Lives.

Yacht management ultimately save the owners valuable time and work. New boat owners quickly find out that the time obligation for maintenance and day to day upkeep is considerable. Time is valuable and better spent enjoying your boat on the water with friends and family. We must also adapt to the changing trends in our lives, perhaps having to spend more time at work or with family. Changing lifestyles may not allow for as much boating as desired while more leisure time on the other hand allows for year-by-year program customization. Yacht management provides valuable solutions to boat owners, so they are able to enjoy boating to its fullest.

Add to this the rising costs of dockage, maintenance, insurance, financing and storage. Owners often reluctantly sell their “pride and joy” because they can no longer justify the time and the costs involved. Boating is rewarding but it can be expensive. YACHT Solutions also offers a revenue program under our management, where we create income that can offset the costs of boat ownership. In most cases we are able to recover all the annual expenses and even generate a profit.

Particularly for new boaters, operational training can make a big difference to feeling confident at the helm. This training provides peace of mind as well as providing professional crew like a hostess or captain for select outings. To further add to our clients boating lifestyle and experiences, we can move yachts south during the winter months to Florida to get more use rather than storing them here and not being able to use them.

We invite you to schedule a consultation of the yacht management services we offer that you may want to consider taking advantage of. We look forward to getting you on the water!


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