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Sea Speed has been serving the US Navy since 2001.

Ideally suited as an aluminum boat paint, particularly on Special operations Craft (SOC) type vessels, patrol and riverine craft that are high speed and used in extreme conditions.

The SEA-SPEED marine bottom paint forms a hard yet flexible elastomeric coating that can be applied direct to metal or over our Mil-Spec marine epoxy. Our SEAPOXY 73, Marine Epoxy paint was developed to work in conjunction with the SEA-SPEED FRC. Applying Boat Bottom Paint has become easier and more cost efficient thereby reducing the overall lifecycle cost.

The latest version SEA-SPEED V 10 X can be used on large and small vessels. It is impermeable and durable enough to handle extreme usage by SOC’s and long layup periods for large vessels. Unlike toxic bottom boat paint, SEA-SPEED can be scrubbed without damaging the coating or releasing toxic cuprous oxides or biocides into the seawater. The coating has a very low coefficient of friction and an extremely low surface energy resulting in reduced hull drag and improved hull efficiency. The polysiloxane (Silicone) technology yields a glossy slick surface that helps reduce adhesion of marine growth. Whereas conventional antifouling paint may last several years, SEA-SPEED V 10 X is guaranteed for ten(10) years as it is a non-depleting material that does not polish or ablate.

It is also applicable to vessels that are on trailered for extended periods. The cured coating is inert and will not be affected by being kept out of the water. Depending on the vessel design, increases in speed and improvement of fuel economy up to ten (10%) can be realized. SEA-SPEED is a big step in efforts to reduce emissions and carbon footprint.


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