Schaefer 510 GTS

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Behold the Schaefer 510 GTS. Starting with Schaefer’s 25-years of quality craftsmanship and culminating with the impeccable design team, the Schaefer 510 GTS boasts the tour de force of luxury and style.

Featuring a bold but elegant look with its aesthetically modernistic lines and the detailed attention given to the innovative and ergonomic use of space, the Schaefer 510 GTS redefines superiority. Combine these qualities with the performance initiated by the expert design of Schaefer’s naval engineering team and you have the definition of a well-groomed thoroughbred. 

Max. Length:  51′ 11″ (15.82 m)
Max. Beam:  14′ 4″ (4.36 m)
Max. Draft:  4′ 2″ (1.26 m)
Dry Weight:  40,344 lbs (18,300 kg)
Deadrise:  17°
Fresh Water Capacity:  470 L (124 Gal)
Fuel Capacity:  1300 L (343 Gal)
Passenger Cap.(day):  16
Passenger Cap.(night):  6 + 1
Designer:  Marcio Schaefer

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With one of the biggest machining equipment of the Americas, Schaefer Yachts CNC guarantees the accuracy in the production of all parts involved in the project.

All parts are produced by a vacuum infusion process resulting in lightweight and sturdy vessels that provide a more comfortable, safe and economical journey.

With its own in-house woodwork, Schaefer Yachts found the solution to bring the finish and refinement desired in our boats.

‣    Vacuum Infusion

‣    Isophthalic Polyester Resin

‣    Skin Coat in Vinyl Ester Resin

‣    GRP with PVC Foam-Cored Hull, Deck and Superstructure

‣    Structural Chassis with Girder and Floor Plate

‣    Retractable Electric Hardtop

‣    Glass Windshield with Wipers

‣    Sofa Upholstered in Nautical Leather

‣    Wooden Table with Coasters

‣    32″ LED TV with Blu-Ray Player

‣    12V Courtesy Lights

‣    Teak Floor

‣    Sound System with Home Theatre

‣    Balcony with Hydraulic Opening

‣    Leather Captain’s Chair

‣    Dashboard in Leather

‣    Engine Control Display

‣    Control of Interior and Navigation Lights

‣    Control of Pumps and Ventilation of Engine Room

‣    Control of Winch and Wipers

‣    Electric Window

‣    Horn

‣    Compass

‣    Stainless Steel Rail

‣    Sunbathing Cushion

‣    Winch Control

‣    Platform in Teak

‣    Gourmet Area with Grill, Sink and Faucet

‣    Storage Area Beneath Gourmet Centre

‣    Built-In Stainless Steel Ladder wth Hand Grip

‣    Shower with Hot and Cold Water

‣    2 Built-In Coolers

‣    Sound System with 2 Speakers

‣    Furniture with Shelves and Drawers

‣    Stainless Steel Stairs with Wooden Steps

‣    Filler Cushion for Bed Conversion

‣    Sofa

‣    Dining Table

‣    12V LED Courtesy Lights

‣    USB Outlets

‣    Ventilation Porthole

‣    Oven with Microwave

‣    2 Refrigerators

‣    Silestone® Countertop with Sink and Faucet

‣    Receptacle

‣    2 Burner Electric Cooktop

‣    Storage Below Sink with Drawers

Master Suite

‣    32″ LED TV with Blu-Ray Player

‣    Double Bed

‣    2 Bedside Tables

‣    Sofa

‣    Cabinets with Shelves and Drawers

‣    Electric Toilet

‣    Air Conditioning

‣    Carpet

VIP Suite

‣    Double Bed

‣    Cabinets with Shelves

‣    Air Conditioning

‣    Electric Toilet

‣    Carpet

Starboard Cabin

‣    Twin Bed with Filler Cushion for Double Bed

‣    Cabinets with Shelves

‣    Air Conditioning

‣    Electric Toilet

‣    Carpet

Crew Cabin

‣    Single Bed

‣    Electric Toilet

‣    Air Conditioning


‣    Dimmable 12V LED Lights

Mooring System

‣    6 Stainless Steel Cleats

‣    1500W Windlass with Remote Control

‣    44lbs Anchor with 164′ of Chain

Power Supply

‣    11.5 kW Generator

‣    50-Amp Inlet

Air Conditioning System

‣    Controls in Salon and Suites

‣    32,000 BTU in Salon

‣    12,000 BTU in Master Suite

‣    10,000 BTU in VIP Suite

‣    6,000 BTU in Starboard Suite

‣    Crew Cabin Shared with Salon

Bilge Pump System

‣    1 x 3700 GPH 12V Electric Bilge Pump

‣    2 x 2000 GPH 12V Electric Bilge Pump

‣    1 x 500 GPH 12V Electric Bilge Pump

‣    Flood Alarm System


‣    2 x 150Ah 12V DC Batteries for Engines

(1 battery per engine, parallel system)

‣    3 x 150Ah 12V DC Batteries for Service

‣    1 x 220Ah 12V DC Batteries for Winch

‣    1 x 105Ah 12V DC Batteries for Sound System

‣    1 x 220Ah 12V DC Batteries for Generator

‣    30Ah 12V Battery Charger for Sound System

‣    80Ah 12V Battery Charger for Winch and Service

Other Equipment

‣    50/60Ah Galvanic Isolator

‣    Soundproofing

‣    Exhaust Fans

‣    Electric Trim Tabs

‣    Hot Water System


Easy to Use

The Glass Cockpit seamlessly integrates industry-leading navigational features from Garmin with the power of the Volvo Penta Electronic Vessel Control System. Easily access and control engine, driveline and navigation data from the comfort of one, adaptable multi-function screen. You can even turn cabin lights or music on and off, at a touch.

Fully Customizable

Tailor every element of the Glass Cockpit to you. Access key information using customizable screen layouts and press a button on the Volvo Penta joystick to change layouts to suit different modes. The display is fully integrated with the control system, so you can simply and seamlessly control your boat to suit your needs.

Volvo Penta Joystick Driving

With the Easy Connect app, you’re always connected. Check engine status, send data to your crew or service dealer. Plan your next journey from the comfort of your couch. It’s all the things you need to do, made easy.

Simplicity At Your Fingertips

A unique innovation for the marine industry, joystick driving, sets a new benchmark in intuitive, flexible driving – one that transforms the game entirely. With the new joystick driving, you won’t just level up your skills; you’ll redefine them. Simply push the joystick forward to engage the gear, speed up or slow down, and release it to remain at a certain speed. The acceleration will be proportional to the angle of the joystick. When the joystick is pulled back, the throttle reduces, and the boat will stop. To further enhance the driving experience, electronic gear shifting enables smooth acceleration and deceleration.

It’s a Game Changer

Now boaters of all levels can enjoy safe, intuitive docking and driving. The Joystick integrates directly with your propulsion systems’ individually steerable drives and the EVC, making for simple, stress-free maneuvering.


Steer with one hand with perfect response and minimal effort. You can utilize the ergonomic Joystick for next-level control of your bow thruster, engine thrust and steering, or both in unison, depending on your preferred installation.


You can install up to six Joysticks around your vessel, even outdoors, with full flexibility in twin, triple and quad installations.

Instant Expertise

You can dock your boat the easy way with the Volvo Penta Assisted Docking system – the next generation of marine automation. It simplifies boat docking by removing the dynamics of wind and current, and improves your control for maneuvering in tight spaces, to make docking boats safe and easy in challenging conditions.

Difficult Becomes Easy

The Assisted Docking system enhances your control as captain. From moving in straight lines without manual compensation, to rotating around a fixed point – docking your boat is now easier than ever before.

Simple Boat Docking

Move your boat close to the dock by tapping the joystick in small increments. Then fix your position against the dock by pushing the joystick to the side and activate the “Side Push” feature on your display. This will assist you by keeping your boat’s position against the dock while it is being tied up, or you let a passenger on or off the vessel.

Smart Movement

With the joystick, you control the boat’s path and speed, while the system compensates for elements such as wind and current. Push the joystick forward and the system lays out a straight path that the boat follows. At any time, you can release the joystick and your boat will hold on a fixed position.

Easy Rotation

When standing still, you can turn the joystick to rotate around a fixed position. By twisting the joystick, you can turn in small increments in any direction to improve your alignment without drifting off path.

Choose How You Cruise

With Cruise Control, both engines automatically sync to the same RPM, so you can find your perfect cruising speed and stay in full control of your journey ahead. With only your fingertip, you can fine-tune your rpm – giving you the freedom to choose exactly how fast, how fuel efficient, and how comfortably you explore the ocean.

Safe and Maneuverable

Cruise Control makes boating in rough seas and windy conditions safer, thanks to the ease of fine-tuning your engine’s speed. This is also key in crowded marinas and narrow passages, as small adjustments to the boat’s speed can make all the difference when trying to maneuver safely in tight environments.
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Fine-Tune Your Speed

Set a specific speed for your boat without having to manually adjust the throttle, and fine-tune it whenever you need to keep your perfect cruise. Cruise Control will deactivate as soon as you move the throttle. When Low-speed Mode is activated, Cruise Control also lets you fine-tune your pace at very low speeds.

Fine-Tune Fuel Consumption

Cruise enjoyably. With fingertip control of the engine rpm, you can fine-tune the boat’s speed to also optimize your on board comfort and your boat’s fuel effiency.

Take in the Open Ocean

A yacht autopilot system supports you, to help reduce captain fatigue so you can be your best at the helm. The Volvo Penta Autopilot with Shadow Drive is a complete and fully integrated auto-steering system, for accurate boat navigation you can trust.

Better Efficiency

Enjoy a seamless experience at sea, as your boat easily keeps to its desired heading. Autopilot works in sync with electronic steering and the Glass Cockpit System, both of which are required for installation.

Intuitive Assistance

When Joystick Driving is activated, Autopilot will turn on simultaneously. When the joystick is released, Autopilot is engaged and keeps a forward course. Your set course can easily be changed on the Autopilot with a slight turn of the joystick.

Your New Driving Partner

With Shadow Drive, the Autopilot is always active and keeps your desired heading. To change course, use the steering wheel to steer to the new heading and the Autopilot will take over as soon as your boat straightens.

Smarter, Safer

The optional Auto Guidance feature searches through all relevant charts to create a visual route for you to follow, avoiding shallow water, buoys and other charted obstacles. Linked with the Volvo Penta Autopilot, Auto Guidance will show you the way.

Total control on the water, at a touch.

The Dynamic Positioning System (DPS) automatically holds your boat position, despite of wind and current. Integrating seamlessly with the joystick, maintaining your heading and position is simpler than ever.

Easy to Use

Simply press a button on the Joystick Control and your boat’s position and heading is safely kept within a precisely limited area, even in rough conditions. Easily disengage the system by moving the control levers or pressing the button once again.

Simple and Precise

An inbuilt repositioning feature means that as the Dynamic Positioning System automatically keeps your boat in position, you’re free to easily make slight adjustments of a few feet. Keep steady and still, even when wind and currents make manual operation difficult.

Smart Features

Twin GPS receivers in the two antennas allow the system to determine your boat’s position and heading. Sophisticated software in the Electronic Vessel Control system transforms the received data into steering angles, gear shifts and throttle positions to hold your boat’s position.

Relaxed Planning

When docking, you and your crew can avoid stress and relax as you prepare your fenders and lines. The DPS also gives you more freedom to safely plan a change in the route or to hold your position, whether that be inshore, offshore or in the harbor.

Ready for Adventure. Right now.

The groundbreaking Volvo Penta Inboard Performance System (IPS) is a propulsion solution like no other. From smooth cruising in silence to extra space on board, get ready to revolutionize your time on the water. All with up to 30% fuel reduction. Seriously.

Seamless Movement

Enjoy unrivalled maneuverability and an even smoother ride. The key to the Volvo Penta IPS experience lies in the individually steerable drives positioned under the hull, forward-facing, with twin counter-rotating propellers.

Longer Cruising Range

Up to 40%

Higher Top Speed

Up to 20%

Reduced Fuel Consumption

Up to 30%

Less CO2 Emissions

Up to 30%

Lower Perceived Noise

Up to 50%

*when compared to Inboard shaft range

A Smoother, Safer Ride

Individually steerable drives give you total control of every movement. The propellers are positioned forward-facing, well under the hull, so they’re working in undisturbed water. This results in less air intrusion and less cavitation, even in sharp turns and during full acceleration.

Peace of Mind

The quality and reliability of Volvo Penta engines, coupled with quick and qualified service and support with world-class parts distribution means you can enjoy every adventure safe in the knowledge you’re fully protected.

High Power and Performance

From speed to performance, expect the best. Twin counter-rotating propellers face forward and work in undisturbed water while the propeller thrust is parallel with the hull, so all power drives the boat forward.


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