Greenline 39

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The all-new Greenline 39 is designed to provide an unforgettable experience that is rarely found on small yachts. Greenline 39 all about sophistication in design, technology, production and environment. Thanks to dedicated engineers and designers, as well as experienced craftsmen skilled at latest technologies in boat building Greenline 39 has become one of the most popular boats in a short time.

Greenline 39 design profited from feedback of hundreds of users from all over the world. We improved every single point, from boarding the boat to hydrodynamics, from seaworthiness with low consumption to more speed and stability.

Length Overall:  39′ 5″ (11.99 m)
Beam Overall:  12′ 4” (3.75 m)
Bridge Clearance (min.):  10′ 4″ (3.16 m)
Draft Empty:  2′ 11″ (0.90 m)
Displacement Empty:  15,432 lbs (7,000 kg)
Cabins:  2 + salon 
Max Berths:  4 + 2 optional
Toilets:  1
Diesel Tank:  700 L (184.2 Gal)
Water Tank:  400 L (105.67 Gal)
CE Category:  B
Design:  J&J Design

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‣    Solar panels as standard

‣    Yanmar Engine

‣    Silent eco-navigation

‣    Open bathing platform

‣    City water connection

‣    230/120V AC power at all times

‣    Adaptive owner’s cabin

‣    Twin-access, high-volume bathroom

‣    Open galley

‣    Sheltered cockpit and sidedecks

‣    Natural light and 360° panoramic view in the salon

‣    Cockpit side exit

‣    Cockpit storage

‣    Single level living space

Solar Benefits Hybrid
Greenline’s aim is to provide comfort on board like no other. With a bank of solar panels you can use all of the boat’s appliances, whether cruising or at rest, without having to fire up a generator or connect to shore power. This means there is no noise, no vibrations, no emissions and no disturbing your neighbours when the boat is on anchor. By utilizing high performance LiPo batteries, even high load appliances like air-conditioning can be run in silence. 

Up to 26.6 kWh
High Performance LiPo Batteries up to 2 x 13.3 kWh

15 kW/h per day
Approx. consumption for 4 people in 24h depending on air conditioner use.

8 kW/h charge per day
Approx. charge with 1.2 kW standard solar panels.

3 Days at Anchor
Depending on your energy management and the sunshine, this energy can be longer or shorter.

Solar Benefits Non-Hybrid
Even without the hybrid drive system, there are huge benefits from Greenline’s standard fit solar panels. The panels are constantly creating sustainable energy and feeding the domestic battery bank so onboard lighting and refrigeration, for example, can be run silently without having to rely on a diesel generator. This harnessing of solar power brings both peace of mind and a responsible way to create energy on board.

Up to 8.2 kWh
Opt. up to 4 x 160 Ah LiFePo4 batteries

6.5 kW/h per day
Approx. consumption for 4 people without air conditioner use.

8 kW/h per day
Approx. charge with 1.2 kW standard solar panels.

365 Days at Anchor
Depending on your energy management and the sunshine, this energy can be longer or shorter

Aft Galley
The aft galley, Greenline’s signature features, combines the cockpit and the galley into a big social area.

Full Size Freezer
Just like what you are used to from home.

One Level Living
The Greenline 39 has not a single step between bathing platform and helm position.

Natural Light
Thanks to the 360˚ panoramic view inside the salon, there is an abundance of natural light.

Sheltered Cockpit and Side Decks
Maximum protection and safety.

Sliding Roof
The sliding roof aboard the Greenline 39 gives the feeling of a more open space.

Helmstand Side Door
The Helmstand side door provides safer maneuvering throughout the boat.

Electric Motor: 50 kW
Battery Capacity: up to 80 kW/h
Max Speed: 11 knots
Cruising Speed: 7 knots
Range: 30 Nm
Range Extender/Generator: 4 kW
Range with Extender at 5 knots: up to 75 Nm

Electric Motor: 25 kW
Battery Capacity: up to 26.6 kW/h
Max Speed Electric Mode: 7.5 knots
Range in Electric Mode (5 knots): up to 20 Nm
Diesel Engine: 250 hp
Max Speed Diesel Mode: 18 knots
Generator in Diesel Mode: 20 kW

250hp Shaft Drive: 18 knots
370hp Shaft Drive: 25 knots
Max Range at 7 Knots: 700 Nm

Solar/Power Management

  • Standard Package
  • Option
Standard PackageOption
Standard Solar Panels1.32 kW
Standard LiFePO4 Batteries4.1 kW/h8.2 kW/h
Standard Inverter3 kW5 kW