Bali Catspace

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Bahamas, British Virgin Islands, Croatia, Greece, Seychelles, Spain

The CATSPACE is a 40-foot catamaran that combines all the innovations expected from a BALI. Her inverted bows, a signature element of models in the BALI range, offer a pronounced design. The integral deck allows for fluid circulation between the various spaces and ease of moving around while under way. The “BALI door” amplifies the living space of the saloon-cockpit area. Thanks to the large windows, the interior is bathed in light.

Overall Length:  40′ 5″ (12.32 m)
Hull Length:  38′ 5″ (11.71 m)
Waterline Length:  37′ 3″ (11.35 m)
Beam:  21′ 5″ (6.53 m)
Water Draft:  3′ 10″ (1.17 m)
Displacement Unloaded:  20,838 lbs (9,452 kg)
Usable Deck Area:  757 sq.ft (70 m²)
Sail Area (mainsail + solant):  807 sq.ft (75 m²)
Max Sail Area (square ms + code 0):  1,087 sq.ft (101 m²)
Standard Power: 2 x 30 CV / HP
Water Tank Capacity:  760 L (201 gal)
Fuel Tank Capacity:  400 L (106 gal)
Cabins:  4
No. of Berths:  10
Architect:  Lasta Design Studio