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The Schaefer V33 is the first of the new V-line by Schaefer Yachts. This innovative Centre console should quickly rise in popularity as a great cottage sport boat, fishing boat, and family boat. Offering the comfort and features of luxury yachts, but with the easy hose-down and minimal maintenance today’s busy lifestyles appreciate. Center consoles are known for big water capability and safety, plus fishing and watersports features make this the go-to-do anything boating a great solution for boaters looking to check all the boxes.

Max. Length:  33′ 11″ (10.33 m)
Max. Beam:  11′ (3.35 m)
Max. Draft:  1′ 6″ (0.45 m)
Dry Weight:  10,900 lbs (4,950 kg)
Deadrise:  18.9°
Fresh Water Capacity:  150 L (40 Gal)
Fuel Capacity:  700 L (184 Gal)
Passenger Cap.(day):  10
Passenger Cap.(night):  2
Designer:  Marcio Schaefer

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Cabin Version

Fishing Version




With one of the biggest machining equipment of the Americas, Schaefer Yachts CNC guarantees the accuracy in the production of all parts involved in the project.

All parts are produced by a vacuum infusion process resulting in lightweight and sturdy vessels that provide a more comfortable, safe and economical journey.

With its own in-house woodwork, Schaefer Yachts found the solution to bring the finish and refinement desired in our boats.

‣    Vacuum Infusion

‣    Isophthalic Polyester Resin

‣    Skin Coat in Vinyl Ester Resin

‣    GRP with PVC Foam-Cored Hull, Deck and Superstructure

‣    Structural Chassis with Girder and Floor Plate

‣    Gourmet Station with Sink and Faucet

‣    Storage and Receptacle below Gourmet Centre

‣    2 Stainless Steel Retractable Cleats

‣    LED Courtesy Lights on Deck and Hardtop

‣    All-Round Navigation Lights

‣    Sofa with Built-In Cupholders

‣    Table with Coasters

‣    Laminated Glass Windshield

‣    Stainless Steel and Leather Steering Wheel

‣    Engine Control Display

‣    Light Switches

‣    Control of Pumps and Ventilation of Engine Room

‣    Horn

‣    Compass

‣    Sunbed with Armrests and Cup Holders

‣    Handrail on Bulwark

‣    2 Stainless Steel Retractable Cleats

‣    Stainless Steel U-Bolt for Anchor Chain

‣    Anchor Locker, Ropes and Fender Storage

‣    Rod Holders

‣    Stainless Steel Swimming Ladder

‣    2 Stainless Steel Retractable Cleats

‣    Shower

‣    Lacquered/Laminated Surfaces

‣    Convertible Sofa/Bed

‣    12V Main Breaker Panel

‣    Bow Ventilation/Escape Hatch

‣    Ventilation Portholes

‣    LED Lights

‣    Sink and Faucet

‣    Trash Bin

‣    Mirror

‣    Electric Toilet with Macerator

‣    Towel Hanger

‣    Liquid Soap Dispenser

‣    LED Lights

Electrical System

‣    12V DC Circuit Breaker Panel Inside Cabin

‣    Charge Distributor

Fuel System

‣    2 Stainless Steel Fuel Tanks (285 litres each)

‣    2 Fuel Caps and Vents

Freshwater System

‣    Freshwater Tank with 150 Litre Capacity

‣    Freshwater Cap Located on Deck

‣    Freshwater Pump and Filter

‣    Coldwater System for Head

‣    Freshwater System for Head, Sink and Shower

Bilge Pump System

‣    2 x 2000 GPH 12V Electric Bilge Pump

‣    Flood Alarm System


‣    2 x 105Ah 12V DC Batteries for Engines (parallel)

‣    2 x 105Ah 12V DC Batteries for Service

‣    1 x 105Ah 12V DC Batteries for Windlass/Bow Thruster

‣    40Ah 12V Battery Charger (optional)

Other Equipment

‣    Holding Tank of 65 Litres

‣    Exhaust Fans


Easy to Use

The Glass Cockpit seamlessly integrates industry-leading navigational features from Garmin with the power of the Volvo Penta Electronic Vessel Control System. Easily access and control engine, driveline and navigation data from the comfort of one, adaptable multi-function screen. You can even turn cabin lights or music on and off, at a touch.

Fully Customizable

Tailor every element of the Glass Cockpit to you. Access key information using customizable screen layouts and press a button on the Volvo Penta joystick to change layouts to suit different modes. The display is fully integrated with the control system, so you can simply and seamlessly control your boat to suit your needs.

Choose How You Cruise

With Cruise Control, both engines automatically sync to the same RPM, so you can find your perfect cruising speed and stay in full control of your journey ahead. With only your fingertip, you can fine-tune your rpm – giving you the freedom to choose exactly how fast, how fuel efficient, and how comfortably you explore the ocean.

Safe and Maneuverable

Cruise Control makes boating in rough seas and windy conditions safer, thanks to the ease of fine-tuning your engine’s speed. This is also key in crowded marinas and narrow passages, as small adjustments to the boat’s speed can make all the difference when trying to maneuver safely in tight environments.
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Fine-Tune Your Speed

Set a specific speed for your boat without having to manually adjust the throttle, and fine-tune it whenever you need to keep your perfect cruise. Cruise Control will deactivate as soon as you move the throttle. When Low-speed Mode is activated, Cruise Control also lets you fine-tune your pace at very low speeds.

Fine-Tune Fuel Consumption

Cruise enjoyably. With fingertip control of the engine rpm, you can fine-tune the boat’s speed to also optimize your on board comfort and your boat’s fuel effiency.

Take in the Open Ocean

A yacht autopilot system supports you, to help reduce captain fatigue so you can be your best at the helm. The Volvo Penta Autopilot with Shadow Drive is a complete and fully integrated auto-steering system, for accurate boat navigation you can trust.

Better Efficiency

Enjoy a seamless experience at sea, as your boat easily keeps to its desired heading. Autopilot works in sync with electronic steering and the Glass Cockpit System, both of which are required for installation.

Intuitive Assistance

When Joystick Driving is activated, Autopilot will turn on simultaneously. When the joystick is released, Autopilot is engaged and keeps a forward course. Your set course can easily be changed on the Autopilot with a slight turn of the joystick.

Your New Driving Partner

With Shadow Drive, the Autopilot is always active and keeps your desired heading. To change course, use the steering wheel to steer to the new heading and the Autopilot will take over as soon as your boat straightens.

Smarter, Safer

The optional Auto Guidance feature searches through all relevant charts to create a visual route for you to follow, avoiding shallow water, buoys and other charted obstacles. Linked with the Volvo Penta Autopilot, Auto Guidance will show you the way.

Experience the Magic of Aquamatic

Available for boats between 20-45 feet, it’s the optimal mix of reliability and performance. Powerful and responsive, yet fuel efficient, the Aquamatic Sterndrive gasoline or diesel engines are perfect for both leisure cruising and thrilling watersports.

Difficult Becomes Easy

The Assisted Docking system enhances your control as captain. From moving in straight lines without manual compensation, to rotating around a fixed point – docking your boat is now easier than ever before.


The larger effective propeller blade area of the Duoprop makes our Aquamatic Sterndrive’s driveline more efficient, helping you save up to 30% on fuel consumption. Direct fuel injection enables you to get more energy from each and every drop of fuel.


Volvo Penta has engineered the Aquamatic Sterndrive to work seamlessly as one system, from the controls to the engine, all the way to the drive and propellers. This contributes to lower emissions and far better maneuverability.


Enjoy robust low-end torque, exhilarating power and exceptional mid-range response. Delivering impressive performance with rapid acceleration, it’s optimal for all the on-the-water-fun you can imagine.


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